Each session provides therapeutic muscular relief, while encouraging your body into deeply refreshing relaxation. My relaxation massages incorporate elements of Swedish massage, deep tissue, and reflexology into a full-body session that address all major muscle groups.

Swedish massage treats the body with gentle to moderate pressure depending on the client’s preference, employing gliding, kneading, compression, friction, and other strokes in a customized sequence that works best for each client according to their needs. The Deep Tissue component applies deeper pressure strokes within the client’s comfort zone that helps to address tight or knotted muscles. Reflexology is a system of massaging specific areas of the foot in order to promote healing in the feet and elsewhere in the body.

You lie face down (prone) and face up (supine) during the session, so I can massage all of your major muscle groups. My relaxation massages are ideal for anyone looking to alleviate general stresses, tensions, pain, or all of the above. Chair sessions are also available for people who cannot comfortably lie down.

Relaxation Massage Benefits

  • Muscles are lengthened and strengthened
  • Fluid movement is improved
  • Immune system is bolstered
  • Blood and lymphatic circulation are stimulated
  • General stress and pain relief
  • Feel refreshed and renewed

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I offer rejuvenating 60, 90, and 120-minute custom massage therapy sessions, starting at just $90. To learn more or schedule your session, contact me today at (201) 966-5015.