9 Reasons to Choose Me as Your Massage Therapist

Here are nine reasons to choose me as your massage therapist.

  1. I strive to develop a relationship of trust with each client, which helps provide a sensitive, supportive treatment environment.
  2. Through intense focus on my client and my craft, I am attuned to subtle changes in tissue that inform me of each person’s bodily dysfunctions.
  3. My assessment skills help me to understand how pain in one area may be a response to a pattern of dysfunction elsewhere in the body, enabling me to treat both areas and promote long-term relief.
  4. Using a variety of therapeutic tools, I custom-tailor effective treatment programs for each of my clients.
  5. An initial consultation before your first session helps to ensure I address your goals and needs.
  6. I thoroughly prepare before each client’s session, checking with them when they arrive in order to assess how they presently feel, and to determine the focus of that day’s treatment.
  7. Massages are a full 60, 90, or 120 minutes, with no additional charge for utilizing “premium therapies” or for the additional time expended in pre-massage preparation to develop a treatment plan for that session.
  8. I offer personalized suggestions on self-care, stretching, posture, and exercise routines to my clients, thereby encouraging changes that will contribute to their each client’s long-term wellness.
  9. To ensure each session is my best massage, I limit the number of clients I see per week.