Hello! My name is David Weschler, and I am a nationally board certified massage therapist, licensed in New York and New Jersey. I specialize in full body relaxation massage, as well as clinical therapeutic massage, addressing specific pain and stress relief in the neck, back, shoulder, legs, and feet.Treatments

Massage Treatments

My treatments integrate deep tissue and Swedish massage, cranialsacral therapy, neuromuscular therapy, Myofascial Release, shiatsu, PNF stretching, and sports massage. The most effective treatment for each client is selected following an individualized, one-on-one assessment.

Professional Background and Accomplishments

My first love was the law, becoming a public interest lawyer in New York City engaged in helping families to resolve legal crises. Repeated surveys of my peers accorded me the highest professional ratings for legal skill and personal integrity. In 2009, I decided to pursue a full-time second career dedicated to releasing stress, pain, and emotional fatigue and providing deep relaxation through therapeutic massage. Following extensive formal training, I received national certification as a massage therapist and became licensed to practice massage in both New York and New Jersey.

Values and Family

I bring to massage therapy the deeply ingrained professionalism and ethical behavior that distinguished my career as a successful lawyer in New York City. My dynamic tools are now therapeutic touch instead of advocacy, but developing a relationship of trust with each client and providing effective relief call upon the same professional standards. I feel doubly blessed to have a wonderful wife and family and to be a health care professional able to relieve pain and stress through my work as a massage therapist.